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Seeing as I was able to do a decent job on drawing Logan in Sugimori style, I am going to make this into a commission option. If you want me to draw your character in Sugimori style, leave me a note. It will be $3 per character.
Shall We Begin? by RPD490
Shall We Begin?
"As a Trainer, you are to treat your Pokémon as your friends and allies. The bonds you share with each other will help you strive for more things in life, especially if you want to become a Pokémon Master. As a Trainer that holds a firm belief on bonds and uniting those together through those bonds, I wish to test you and see how strong your bond is with your Pokémon."

"With that said, shall we begin?"

Actually did Logan in Ken Sugimori Style and really wanted to have him with his full team.
Young Logan - Redone by RPD490
Young Logan - Redone
Redone version of Young Logan, as he was when he was around 10-15, before becoming the Eon Guardian.
PMD - Team E0N by RPD490
PMD - Team E0N
Was bored, wanted to make this up. lol

Team E0N is a high ranking Exploration Team that, ironically, isn't as well known as they appeared out of nowhere a few years ago. Their goal as an exploration team is to explore far and wide, and help those that are in need.

They are a Master *** Rank Exploration team, close to achieving the final rank of any Exploration Team, the Guildmaster Rank. They also can carry out Secret Missions.

When the group explore and do missions, ranging from easy to expert level, they do it for the Pokémon in need and for the exploration and send extra amounts of Poké to the Guild.

Logan, a rare silver Latios, acts as the team leader and is the founder of E0N. He is kindhearted and willing to put himself in harms way to help those he cares for, as he considers himself a guardian. Being a legendary Pokémon, and the leader, he is the strongest of the group, but often doesn't want to use the full extent of his powers and holds back as he doesn't wish to harm another Pokémon to the brink of despair, but enough to teach them a lesson and make them think twice of the actions.

He cares about his team as if they were his family, and would die to protect them all.

He is seen wearing a Soul Dew around his neck.

Celei is a shiny Celebi, and acts as the second in command to the team and was the co-founder of Team E0N. While small, Celei is the oldest member of the team, being over 700 years old, but acts as though she is in her mid-20s. Logan regards her as an older sister at times, and she wants to make sure he doesn't do anything overly drastic that could put him or the team in danger.

Celei is a very playful and nice Pokémon, but in battle she can be serious and knows that others would know what she is capable of.

As a Celebi, she is rather powerful in her own right, being the second strongest under Logan, but whether she holds back on her psychic powers or not is up to her.

She wears a small brown amulet known as the Time Amulet.

Chika is a female Meganium and is one of Logan's earliest friends as she was with Logan since she was a Chikorita. She is very affectionate to other Pokémon, often wanting to help them out by cheering them up and often dozes off in a flower field as she sunbathes. She acts as a support to Team E0N, being bulky in defense making her the tank of the group. She fights when she needs to, but often or not she is passive on battling as she wants to relax more.

Abby is a female Absol and acts as a scout for the team, being swift on her paws, and capable of hiding in the shadows. She is rather quiet and keeps to herself, but is very loyal to Logan and the team. While not the strongest fighter, she can hold out on her own should the situation need it.

Yukionna is a Froslass and acts as the team's support tactician. She, like Abby, is a very quiet Pokémon and is often shy around others, but is slowly coming around to others. Being an Ice-type, she is capable of helping her team, as well as any Pokémon that is with them that requires assistance, guide through most harsh environments, namely around mountains and frozen tundras that have frequent snowfall. She is considered the least strongest fighter, but doesn't care much for fighting and to only help those in need.

Leon is a Gallade that acts as the frontliner of the team, being the one to assist in harsh battles. He is devoted in keeping his team together and alive at all costs. He is a high leveled physical attacker, and able to dish out damage to most types, including those that he would be weak too due to being part Fighting-type.

Leon can come off cold at times, but its only because he cares for the well being of his team, and is actual kindhearted once you get used to his demeanor.

Lerita is a female Gardevoir and acts as the team's support and medic. She is also Leon's mate, and cares deeply for him, often worried about Leon getting seriously hurt. Same time, she is a very loyal member of E0N, her and Leon being like a guardian to Logan. She is a kind and sweet Gardevoir, helping injured Pokémon with Berries and other small remedies that could help them.

While a support, she is actually the third strongest fighter, behind Celei, as a Fairy/Psychic, she can be a force to be reckoned with, being based around special attacks.

Abby, Leon and Lerita each have a Mega Stone, allowing them to Mega Evolve, but they rarely do so unless they are in the midst of a difficult battle against stronger Pokémon. Logan is also technically able to Mega Evolve as well, but he has yet to attempt a Mega Evolution, without having a Latiosite.
Dirk - Pony Form by RPD490
Dirk - Pony Form
The pony version of Dirk.

Seeing he is a Black Belt, makes sense that he would be an Earth pony.
Also shows the Delta insignia on the back of his cape.
After about 3 years of not using, I decided to use Twitter for use. Since I never had any practical use for it early on, I found one now. Mainly for video updates on any uploads I plan to do on YT.

If you are interested, follow me on twitter @RPDTimes3

Look forward to see anyone there that I know of! XD


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